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Many plants working in different industries face the need to clean solutions or extract solids from solutions. For these purposes “Bakor” R&D centre proposes cartridge-type ceramic filters (PCF) to its customers.

Filtering units PCF with ceramic filtering elements are applied for filtration, treatment, utilization and neutralization of industrial suspensions and solutions with solids contents from 1 to 15%.


  • Mining and processing industry
  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Chemical industry
  • Housing and communal services


  • High capacity – 1.9m3/m2
  • 99.98% of solids extraction from solutions
  • Solids contents in filtrate does not exceed 0.001 g/liter
  • Clean filtrate may be used in closed water circulation systems
  • Recycling of valuable solids
  • Elimination of ground waters contamination with heavy metals
  • Filtrate does not contain fine insoluble calcium compounds
  • Possibility to filter hot solutions
  • Long service life of filtering elements – 12 months and longer
  • Selection of filtering elements for particular filtered products

Polishing Ceramic Filters

CDF Vacuum Disc Filters PCF Polishing Ceramic Filter (booklet)